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Welcome to the Bon Pacific Northwest website. This site is specifically designed to invite and facilitate online conversations about our shared and individual meditation practice. There are Pages (links listed across the top of the page) with static information, and Posts (links listed along the left side by category) that are interactive discussions on specific topics. This is an example of a Post.

You can find posts by clicking on a “Recent Post” over in the left hand column, or by choosing a “Category” that interests you (Teachings, Events, etc.) and then clicking on the title of a specific post within that Category.

If you want to contribute an idea or ask a question related to a specific post, you type your thoughts into the “comment” box under the “Leave a Reply” heading at the bottom of the page. Your comment than appears below the original post as the sample replies do below. If you want to respond to a specific comment rather than to the original post, then you simply click “reply” under the comment you wish to address, then type into the “comment” box that opens there.

Note: The first time you make a comment, it will be reviewed by a moderator before appearing on the website. Thereafter, you will be welcome to contribute without moderation. The site’s authors maintain the right to moderate threaded discussions as warranted.

6 thoughts on “How to Use This Forum

  1. Anne de Marcken

    Hi, this is a comment. You can reply to this comment by clicking “reply” or comment on the main post by typing in the comment box below where it says “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the page.

    1. Anne de Marcken

      This is a threaded comment – a comment made to a comment. This can go on and on, deeper and deeper, or the conversation can stay close to the surface, everyone responding to the original post.

  2. Anne de Marcken

    Remember! Until you have had your comments approved once, your posts will not automatically appear. Make sure you subscribe (click on the link below or at the right) so that you are notified when posts that might interest you are made to the site.

  3. Rio Lara-Bellon

    Logged on today, hoping to stay connected to the PNW Bon group (Sould Retrieval/Five Elements) via the web because I cannot always make it all the way to Olympia for Monday night practice. Thanks!

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