Monday Night Practice

Just as our Monday night practice group is open to anyone wishing to deepen their relationship to their practice, so is this forum for discussion of issues and ideas related to the practice. Your participation is welcome.

Feel free to comment directly to  posts, and in response to one another, as a way of deepening your practice. The first time you leave a comment, it will be approved by the site administrators before it appears, but after that, your comments will be unmoderated, with the expectation that this conversation will be respected as an extension of the joyful and supportive experience fostered during group practice.

If you feel unsure of how to begin. You might want to visit the “sample posts” for a little direction.

6 thoughts on “Monday Night Practice

  1. Scott

    Carel and Lynn,

    Thanks for welcoming me so warmly to last Monday’s class. Looking forward to some Sound Healing for clearing obstacles next week!



  2. Scott

    Good practice tonight with the sounds! Wonder why I don’t see any other comments other than mine under this Monday night practice blog???



  3. Dorothy

    I think the rest of us are just slowly finding our way here, Scott!

    I am finding the weekly practice a much needed support… Thanks, Lynn and Carel!

  4. Star

    I felt very encouraged by our conversation about how to bring the practice into our lives outside of Monday nights practice nights. I have found it much easier to make time for meditation practice this week. Thanks for bringing this up Christine and thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts!

  5. Jason

    Hi everyone. I am very interested in practicing with you all and try to practice teachings from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche everyday and night. I am unable to make it to the monday night practice because I work then. I live in Auburn. As of right now I am going to try out different buddhist temples in the area to practice meditating at to find some support and be with people. Has anything changed with the practice time/days or any ideas for how I could participate with the group? Do you still meet up? (if I happen to have the day off). I was able to attend the Dream Yoga retreat, which was great. Thanks.

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