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  1. ShannYn Sollitt

    Engaged Buddhists,

    The Dogyal Shugden sect is posing an extreme problem for the future of Buddhism in the West. The cult-like nature is attracting many young unaware neophyte seekers to Buddhism – but through a sinister back door. These young seekers need to be educated from the beginning that Dogyal Shugden is not a Buddha. This cult, co-oped by the Chinese to take down His Holiness, is a terrible force in Tibet and in the West. I feel called by His Holiness to do what is within my power to quash this poison in the West, and I am seeking to enlist as many helpers as possible to help put out the fire.

    Please in your public communications sound the alarm that Dogyal Shugden is a dangerous Deity from Tibet who has been grappling for the position of Buddha since the time of Guru Padmasambhava. These cults are drawing in those who have an interest in Buddhism, but do not know the cultural and religious history behind this dangerous Deity. The practitioners are being introduced into practicing the Tantric path without experiencing the Hinayana or Mahayana paths, and are entering into a bond with a Deity who will not bring them to the achievement of happiness or enlightenment for the benefit of sentient beings.

    The Dogyal Shugden Lamas and followers have been making it appear as if His Holiness is standing alone in this opposition to the practice of Dogyal Shugden. It is time for all the Lamas of all lineages teaching in the West to speak out about this. The practice must be discredited at every turn. Will you please help to quash the worship of this Deity in the West before the sect gains enough power to discredit Tibetan Buddhism as a whole? As designed by China, the cult is throwing a big cog in the enormous strides the Dalai Lama has made in his quest for the freedom of Tibetan Peoples. His Holiness is the best that humankind has going. The light he shines for the world is dimmed by this Deity.

    Please let me know whether you are behind His Holiness with this reach-out campaign and pass this forward – blitz the waves with research and expose the nature of this cult – with a warning – especially to newcomers to the Buddha Dharma.

    In devotion to His Holiness,
    ShannYn Sollitt

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